KVK, Villupuram
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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
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ICAR - Krishi Vigyan Kendra
Tindivanam, Villupuram District - 604 002
Tamil Nadu, India



KVK, Villupuram Farm Activities

KVK, Villupuram has planed to develop the farm, which can represent the agriculture scenario of the district.  Similarly farmers can easily adopt the technology demonstrated at the instructional farm. Keeping with this vision, KVK has implemented following mission

  • Conservation and efficient use of water for irrigation
  • Development of sustainable and profitable farming system
  • Field trials and demonstration of innovative technologies on location specific problems for faster adoption and dissemination
instructional farm farm -visit Goat demo in farm
Farn Lay out
Farm lay out

Development of Instructional Farm

KVK has 16.8 ha of land for the instructional purposes which represents the district situation.  For farm development, first priority was given to develop the water resources as well as development of land for cultivation. Due to availability of the water, all the area has now come under diverse crops suitable for irrigated and rain fed situation of the district.  Similarly the entire farm has been brought under micro irrigation i.e drip and sprinkler irrigation system.


Technology Assessment, Refinement and Demonstration at Farm

  • ·        Organic farming in Mango crop
  • ·        Farm mechanization
  • ·        Organic mulching in horticulture crops
  • ·        Development of Vegetable crop cafeteria
  • ·        Use of organic slurry
  • ·        Foliar feeding of nutrient to the crop
  • ·        Dense planting in mango, guava
  • ·        Pruning methods in mango and guava
  • ·        Use of fertilizer through drip irrigation
  • ·        Drip irrigation system in horticulture
  • ·        Sprinkler irrigation for seasonal crops
  • .        Development of Vermicompost
  • ·        Seed production of seasonal crops
  • ·        Trial of organic and inorganic fertilizer
plant crafting Mushroom farm demo
Vermicompost unit in farm shade net nursery in farm

Location specific and problem oriented trials conducted on KVK farm and successful result replicating on farmers field for adoption and dissemination of technologies

Vegetable Crop Cafeteria

Different improved varieties of brinjal, Chille, bhendi, snake gourd, Ribbed gourd, Muskmelon, Watermelon, Cucumber and bitter gourd  are being demonstrated in the cafeteria at KVK farm so that farmers are able to see the performance of all varieties and choose the most suitable for their situation based on the available resources with them. Besides the crop variety in the vegetable crop cafeteria, different varieties of fruit crops were also planted to assess the performance as well as to produce seeds and seedlings.

Vegetable capiteria Muskmelon Mango grafting
Farm Mechanization

Different new implements are also procured for demonstration purposes

  • Reversible plough, which saves the time.
  • Disc plough for bund formation, incorporation of green manuring
  • Single wheel hoe for hoeing in seasonal crop to save money and time
  • Rotavotor for incorporation of organic matter in soil, besides development of fine tilth
  • Aero blast sprayer for spray of tall trees as well as crops like sugarcane, cotton which saves time and fuel
  • Power tiller for intercultivation in fruit crops, sugarcane and cotton.

The demonstration of these implements has helped to increases the adoption among the farmers.